Any staffing firm can fill your orders. But can they customize strategic workforce solutions to help you:

  • effectively manage fluctuating workloads;
  • control costs associated with overtime and ineffective recruiting;
  • reduce employee turnover and burnout;
  • increase worker efficiency and productivity?

Qualified Staffing can.

With a full complement of strategic staffing and recruiting services, we can help you accomplish more. We will team up with you to identify your company’s goals, needs and weaknesses, and then develop a comprehensive solution to help with your continued success. Staffing Solutions provided for Manufacturing, Warehouse, Clerical, Professional, Technical, Medical and Call Center needs.

Services Overview

  • Temporary Staffing. Get the help you need to meet critical deadlines, work around a hiring freeze, or cover unexpected absences – without impacting fixed expenses. We cover all payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, recruiting, interviewing, testing and orientation.
  • Temp-to-Hire Staffing. Ensure the right match and prevent costly hiring mistakes by previewing our candidates’ skills, experience and performance on the job – before extending an offer for employment.
  • Direct Hire. Save time and money by allowing us to recruit, screen and refer qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs. You pay for our services only if you hire a candidate we provide. The hired individual is guaranteed for 30 days, if payment terms are met within 15 days.
  • Managed Staffing. Simplify your use of staffing across multiple skills, locations and/or vendors. We act as central point of coordination and accountability, for our own employees as well as other vendors’, to improve talent sourcing, selection, retention and productivity. This service ensures uniformity of bill rates and reduces the number of invoices to process.
  • On-Site Programs (VOP). We make high-volume staffing easier by providing a manager to work at your location. The manager will plan your staffing needs, accurately fill all staffing requests, and monitor worker performance to ensure productivity.
  • Outsourcing. We assume responsibility for a specific function or department in your company. You can offload non-essential or labor-intensive activities, while giving your team the ability to focus on your most important tasks.
  • Executive Recruiting. We recruit executive-level and other professional job seekers for long-term employment with your organization.

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