3 Tips to 2021 Career Success Starts with Your Job Search

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Ready for 2021? After the trials of 2020, you’re probably ready for anything different. Well, thankfully, the new year gives you the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your career. And that process starts with a well-run job search.


As you launch a hunt for new opportunities, get off on the right foot. Use these three tips to ensure that your job search will lead to career success in 2021:


1. Target Your Search


Like almost any other activity, a job search represents an exercise in resource allocation. There is only so much time in a day. You want to focus on the applications that are most likely to result in a top position.


Take a random shotgun approach, and you’ll end up wasting time. Or, even worse, you could wind up taking the wrong job for you. Instead of blasting out resumes, define exactly what you’re looking for.


Be as specific as possible. Then, concentrate your attention on the most promising opportunities first. Now, the phrase “target your search,” we don’t mean “limit your opportunities.”


Imagine what a target looks like. It’s a series of concentric circles. You have your bullseye in the middle. Then, you have other levels radiating out from that.


Start with a very narrow search – your “dream job” situations. From there, progressively loosen your standards.


You may miss the jobs at the center of your target. But, as you go, you’ll broaden your expectations and eventually find something suitable.


2. Keep Building Your Resume


You can launch a career change at any time. Maybe you’re out of a job now. Maybe you have a position, but would like to find something new.


Whatever the circumstances, you can keep adding to your value as you seek out fresh opportunities.


If you have a job now, keep getting better at it. Hunt for chances to add to your skill base. Ask for more responsibilities. These opportunities will build up your resume.


At the same time, make yourself indispensable to your boss – a glowing recommendation can always help down the road.


If you’re out of work right now, there are still steps you can take. Consider enrolling in a class. Seek out contract or freelance assignments. Even volunteer work can add luster to a resume.


With every small improvement, you make it that much easier to land the job of your dreams.


3. Vary Your Approach


When you start a job search, the opportunities often seem endless.


Every job board is filled with possibilities. It can feel overwhelming; you look at your list of potential employers and don’t know how you’ll find time to apply to all them.


Relatively quickly, though, the tone changes. You start seeing the same postings over and over. You’ve received a few rejections, and you’ve applied to all the obvious spots.


All that initial opportunity seems used up. Where do you go from there?


It’s time to get creative. Take the mindset of an old-time explorer: you need to keep finding new territory.


Look for offbeat job postings. Move on to the next tier of connections in your network. Leverage social media for new contacts.


In other words, don’t rely on a single approach. Use all the tools at your disposal to find the perfect opportunity.


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