Using Your Online Reputation to Attract and Retain Talent

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How often do you look at online reviews before deciding to make a purchase or use a service? According to Inc., 91% of people will reference an online review before making a final decision. This fact probably isn’t surprising to most businesses, especially those in competitive markets.


Now you may be thinking, “I have a dedicated marketing team that has paid a lot of attention to our Google and social media to ensure our products look great. Our branding job is done, right?” Not necessarily. Your product or service may look great to the consumer, but how do your jobs look to the job seeker? This is a side of online branding that many companies fail to recognize, but promoting your “employer brand” to the job seeker is just as important as promoting your products to a consumer. What exactly do we mean when we say “employer brand”? Harvard Business Review describes the employer brand as an employer’s reputation as a place to work, and their employee value proposition, as opposed to the more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers.


5 Quick Tips for Improving Your Employer Brand


The following steps will help your company monitor and grow a positive online presence in order to support efforts of attracting and retaining talent.


1. Claim your business pages online.


There are several places where your business can be reviewed online. Obviously, it’s a good idea to know about these places and understand what is being said about your company from both the consumer and employee point of view. Claiming your business pages at top sites such as Glassdoor, Google My Business, and Facebook is a great place to start.


2. Continually monitor your online reputation through social media pages, online review pages, and job boards.


Programs such as can help with this.


3. Always respond to comments and reviews in a personal tone.


When receiving good reviews, remember to say “Thank You” and use the reviewers name in your response. When receiving bad reviews, it’s best to take the argument offline. Give an alternate way for the person to contact you regarding their complaint. “Call us at…email us at…etc.” Remember, never argue to defend yourself. This will only lead to a fight you can’t control.


4. Encourage people and current employees to leave you a review online.


While most online platforms discourage companies from asking for “good” reviews, there is nothing wrong with asking your current employees or those who come into contact with your company to leave an honest review. In fact, we think you should.


5. Use the information you receive in negative reviews to help improve your process.


Part of the reason to join the online discussion is to find out what is being said about your company. Sometimes this can be an eye-opening experience. However, once you can understand the roadblocks you’re facing against attracting and retaining talent, you can devise a plan to correct these issues and improve.


Attract the best talent to your team.


Building a good relationship with employees starts at the recruiting process. By teaming up with staffing experts, like Qualified Staffing, you can put your best foot forward in attracting the right talent matches for your company. Contact Qualified Staffing today to learn more.