How Your Nightly Routine Can Set You up for a Better Workday

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We know the feeling. It’s 10 AM and you’re already behind. You’re tired, harried and overwhelmed. Somehow, everything gets (mostly) straightened out by the time you head home, but it’s just a few hours until you have to turn around and do it all over again.

Is there a way to avoid that oh-my-gosh-the-water’s-already-up-to-my-neck feeling? Or at least postpone it until, say, after lunch?

There is. By getting a jump on the workday, you can set yourself up for a smoother ride, allowing yourself to be both more efficient and less haggard. By taking a few easy steps the night before, you can create an environment where you step into the office a little bit ahead.

Get to Bed on Time

When you were a kid, your parents set a bedtime for you. That way you got enough sleep, setting you up for an energetic and productive day at school.

Now you have to be your own parent. Those late nights were fine a few years ago, but those days probably should have been abandoned a while ago. Even if you’re a homebody, staying up late to binge Netflix, or even to get work done, just leaves you tired and logy the next day.

Set a reasonable bed time and stick with it. It will make everything easier the next morning.

Get Everything Ready

Make sure your morning is open and stress-free by getting as much ready as possible the night before. Have breakfast ready and in the fridge, the coffee machine set up, your clothes picked out and your laptop and other work materials packed up and ready to go. Don’t forget to have your keys where you can find them.

By doing most of the legwork the night before, you make the process in the morning (when you’re tired and hurried) much smoother. You also avoid the panicked searching that takes place you can’t find your other glove.

Make a To-Do List

You don’t want to get to quitting time and suddenly remember you were supposed to have that report sent out by noon. Each night, plot out the key things you need to get done during the following day.

The list can (and probably will) evolve as the day goes on. But get to work with a plan of attack and a list of priorities laid out.

Jot Down Some Notes at the End of the Day

Professional athletes watch hour after hour of tape of themselves failing. Every strikeout, every missed shot, every blown assessment. Include a similar program in your routine.

Review what happened during the day and think about what could have gone better. It might seem painful at first, but it will keep you from making the same mistakes.

Forget About Work for a While

You’ve finished all your take-home work. You’ve laid out everything for the morning. You’ve typed out your plan for the next day and endured the self-inflicted review of your recent failures. You’ve still got a little time before your bed time. So take some time to clear your mind.

Watch something on Netflix. Read a book. Text a friend. Enjoy some family time. Anything to feel a little more human and a little less like a bloodless productivity droid.

Rise and shine!

Getting off to a good start in the morning comes easily when you love what you do. Qualified Staffing can help you find that perfect position. Contact us today to find out how.