3 Resume Tools and Templates To Help Build A Lasting Impression

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Your resume represents your first impression. It’s important that it looks just right … concise, interesting, informative, even enlightening. However, it’s tough to get the feedback you need to make it just right.

In the old days, you would show your resume to your mom, or your roommate, or maybe a couple of friends. But that was the only input you got.

Luckily, we live in a time where loads of help is available online for free. Every nuance and specific trapping of resume building has its own tool, ready to help you maximize your presentation.

The issue now? Too much help. Search for resume tools and you are inundated with choices. How to create infographic resumes – how to build interactive online resumes; how to record video resumes – it’s tough to pick out the truly helpful tools from the ones that will waste your time.

With that in mind, here are three online resume tools that can help you perfect your profile:

Live Career

This website provides many of the basic functions you’ll find with many other resume-building tools. You can check for grammar and spelling errors, as well as review the overall organization of the document. Meanwhile, Live Career has the benefit of combining a lot of the best features prominent in other places to provide an integrated way to build your resume.

Live Career also goes beyond the resume. The website includes tools to help you develop your cover letter as well. You’ll also find other more general career-enhancement content: interview advice and quizzes to help you maximize your career.


Creddle connects to your other main source of professional information, LinkedIn. The website provides an automatic sync between the items listed on your resume and the stuff shown in your LinkedIn profile, saving you some time in the updating process.

The website also provides templates and other tools to help produce a clean, readable, succinct document.


This one really isn’t about the resume itself. It’s about the supplemental materials. Employers want to see work samples … examples of projects you have worked on, or a few specimens of your best work. Krop helps you present them.

It provides a portfolio website builder. Think: WordPress for a professional portfolio. You get a custom domain and templates to choose from. It’s perfect for the website-remedial professionals who nevertheless want to have an online presence and a good-looking place to present their work samples.

Online resume tools can be very helpful. However, it’s also an impersonal way to get advice. What about some actual human feedback?

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