Mid-Year Check-In: Is Your Company Goals Staying On Track In 2019?

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Summer is finally here! For some, that conjures visions of beach vacations and mai tais. However, it’s got you sketching out your business strategy for the rest of year.

First step? Take a quick look back. Going into 2019, you created a number of goals based on how you thought the year would go. Now that you’ve reached the mid-year point, it’s time to reassess those targets and decide what’s still possible when it comes to staying on track in 2019.

Gather Information

Review how you’ve performed so far. Consider the best method to judge your progress and compile the appropriate statistics.

The more precise and quantitative you can get in your review, the better view you’ll get on how close you are to achieving your targets.

Talk to People

As precise as you want to make your review, don’t become a soulless number wonk. In other words, don’t just gather quantitative information.

Solicit opinions and analysis as well. Get the nitty-gritty experiences of the front-line employees, as well as the outlook of your managerial colleagues. This will give you more color to your review, leading to a better decision-making process going forward.

Honest Analysis

No one wants a review to descend into excuse-making. But seek legitimate reasons why your performance has either topped expectations or fallen short.

Don’t use the review to trumpet success or blame failure. You want to do better in the future, which requires in-depth, objective evaluation.

Game Out the Rest of the Year

Now that you’ve figured out what happened, it’s time to look ahead to the rest of the year. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from your first-half performance.

Use that to make the second half even more productive. Remember: it’s not about finding blame. It’s about recalibrating to make the next six months better.


Look at what’s left to accomplish in the year and rank the pending projects by importance. Don’t let your early-year conclusions cloud your judgement.

What might have been crucial in December may seem secondary at this point. Review your priorities based on what you’ve learned in the first half of the year and make rational decisions from there.

Break Goals Down into Mini-Projects

Big goals can be done daunting. Year-long projects, or even six-month ones, can become unwieldy.

To you achieve a larger goal, separate big tasks into smaller, more manageable projects.

Create Ongoing Review Process

Mid-year reviews can be shocking, mostly because you haven’t looked at the situation for six months.

The more often you review the situation the more responsive you can be changing conditions. Take this opportunity to do more than update your plans for the rest of this year.

Also refine your process create a more frequent review regime that allows you to update in real time.

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