4 Reasons to Say Thank You to That Job You Hated

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You’re finally out. That dead-end, waste-of-time, career-stalling, anxiety-inducing, binge eating-inspiring job has ended. You walked out. You’re done. You’ve said goodbye to that job you hated … now you never have to think about it again.

But … maybe you should. Just because you hated the job doesn’t mean it didn’t provide some value. After all, you probably hated junior high as well, but at least you learned about the three branches of government.

Extracting something positive out a negative situation is key to long-term development. With that in mind, here are four reasons to say “thank you” to that terrible job you hated:

It Built Your Resume

You may have cursed under your breath the entire time, but the job you hated now allows you to add a line item to your resume. That might seem like a small consolation, but it really isn’t an insignificant trade off.

Getting better jobs and wider opportunities depends on having the proper experience. You need to be able to show future employers you have the required competencies. That’s the general purpose of a resume.

Building a robust list of previous positions allows you to find more ideal situations. It’s the old “everyone has to pay their dues” concept. You suffered through a terrible job now, so you can have a chance at something more meaningful down the road

You Learned Some New Skills

Careers are about amassing skills and experience. Things you learn in one circumstance get leveraged in the next one. Hopefully, you ladder these together to work your way up the pay scale and into more fulfilling assignments.

Your job may have been distasteful when looked at as a whole, but you did pick up valuable knowledge. At the very least, you got to practice some of your professional chops. This honing of your craft makes it more likely you’ll succeed next time around – hopefully in a situation you’re more excited about.

You Met Some Wonderful People

Advancement in your professional life relies on building a strong network. When you’re looking for a new opportunity, you’re likely to find it through the people you know. With that in mind, any professional contacts can prove useful in the future.

You may have hated your job. But at least you met a lot of interesting and ambitious people who might be able to open doors for you later.

Beyond the career benefits you get from a wider network, there’s the social aspect as well. You didn’t just meet contacts. You met friends (or at least potential friends). Reach out to your former co-workers and try to build lasting relationships with them.

You Know What to Look for Next Time

Think of a career like dating. You go on a bunch of bad first dates and suffer through a series of failed relationships. However, through those experiences, you learn how to recognize someone worth spending the rest of your life with, and you develop the skills you need to sustain a long-term relationship.

The bad job you hated fits into the same framework. Now you know some things to avoid the next time. Meanwhile, you’ll be better able to appreciate a good job when it comes along, plus all the skills and knowledge you gained in the position will allow you to thrive once you find the situation that fits you perfectly.

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