Top YouTube Channels to Check out for Career Advice

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Once, YouTube had a reputation as just a place to watch videos of cute pets meeting babies or other people playing video games. The platform has evolved significantly in recent years, and most people recognize it as a deep resource for information and advice.

The website, with its 1.8 billion monthly users (yes, that’s billion with a “b” … as if the entire populations of the U.S., China and Brazil all watched YouTube every month), has become the go-to source of how-to and DIY information.

So, why not use it to jumpstart your career? YouTube features a long list of creators dedicated to providing career advice and tips about professional development. However, with so much content, it’s difficult to know where to start.

With that in mind, here are three, channels you should check out on YouTube for career advice:

Linda Raynier

One of the most successful YouTube creators focused on career advice, Linda Raynier has built up an impressive 490,000 subscribers since she founded her channel in mid-2016 (with nearly 30 million total views for her videos).

Raynier brands herself a career strategist and career coach, with a personal background focused on the accounting and finance industry. She takes an upbeat, motivational approach, with interviews and personal videos sprinkled in along with her customary direct-to-camera presentations of advice.

Usually posting videos once a week (with a typical video running between 6 and 9 minutes), she covers a wide variety of topics, from how to dress for an interview to how to deal with rejection. She also ranges into big-picture subjects, like “What Should I Do With My Life?” and “Why Can’t I Find A Job?

Work It Daily

It’s hard to think of anything on YouTube as “long-established” or “old school” but Work It Daily definitely fits those designations for its career-advice channel.

With 170,000 followers, it has a sizable footprint. But its real designation comes from experience. The channel, founded in 2008, has a deep stable of nearly 300 videos (more than triple the backlog of either of the other creators featured on this list).

With this broad coverage, Work It Daily has advice for pretty much any specific situation you might encounter in the job search process. It features playlists with direction on personal branding (19 videos), help with resumes and cover letters (32 videos), tips on job interview prep (75 videos), and advice about networking and using social media to advance your career (159 videos).

Self-Made Millennial

The press has long touted millennials as the up-and-coming generation … a process that started so long ago, it’s easy to forget the age bracket is now rounding into mid-career form. Self-Made Millennial provides a channel targeted at this subsection of the working population.

More of a niche channel compared to the others on this list, (it only has a fraction of the footprint, with just 5,700 subscribers), it makes up for the lack of breadth with a laser focus on the concerns of its key demographic. Founded and operated by Madeline Mann, the channel provides advice tuned to frequency of the millennial generation.

As Mann says in her intro to the channel, “I created this channel to cut through the BS (because you’re tired of it), and cut to the chase (because you’ve got stuff to do), with rapid-fire, battle-tested career and job search advice.”

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