Code of Conduct for Rescheduling an Interview

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Canceling a job interview should represent a last-resort decision. However, if it can’t be avoided, it doesn’t mean you’ve punted your only chance at that particular job. How you handle the process of rescheduling can go a long way to keep your chances alive.

We know you take every interview seriously. You do whatever you can to arrive on time and conduct yourself professionally. However, sometimes, unavoidable situations come up, and you’re forced to cancel.

The list of reasons can get long and varied. Your car died on the way into the office. Your dog ran away, carrying your only pair of interview shoes with them. You’ve been struck by a sudden Ebola attack. 

Whatever the reason, you just can’t make your scheduled interview. Take the following tips into account while you look to reschedule. They will help minimize your chances of tanking the opportunity.

Avoid Rescheduling as Much as You Can

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but we’ll mention it anyway. Only cancel an interview if it’s absolutely necessary. 

Once you miss the scheduled interview time, you might not get another chance. If a company is working under a tight schedule, or if they have met a candidate they really like, they may not rush to provide you a new window. As such, do everything in your power to avoid having to reschedule.

Contact Them Ahead of Time

If rescheduling becomes necessary, don’t wait until the last moment. Don’t just miss the appointment, and then try to work something out later. That’s as bad as a no-show-no-call sick day when you have the job.

Instead, reach out well before your scheduled time. Find the person responsible for the scheduling and try to make new arrangements.

Take an Apologetic Tone

Remember: you are the one causing an inconvenience. When you reschedule a haircut or an oil change, the people on the other side of the situation work for you. Not so, in this case. You’re the one looking for a position, giving the potential employer most of the leverage. 

Keep that in mind, when making contact to change your interview time. Don’t get frustrated or angry if the process requires some complex discussions. Stay upbeat and keep your tone apologetic.

Get Confirmation 

You don’t want any dispute after the fact about whether you took the necessary steps to reschedule the interview. You need to know they received your message. 

As such, ask for confirmation. If you don’t receive a reply, follow up with another message. 

Suggest an Alternative Time

Don’t just cancel your interview and try to reconnect later about rescheduling. Instead, start the process of finding a new time right away.

As you contact the company about missing your initial appointment, have your overall schedule in mind. Suggest other alternatives and be prepared to weigh counter-suggestions. If possible, you want to get the new time settled as soon as possible.

Be Flexible 

Even though you suggest a specific time for a rescheduled interview, that particular slot not be convenient for the company. You need to remain flexible if you want to be granted a new chance. 

Do what you can to accommodate the interviewers’ schedules. Be prepared to come in after work or on the weekends, if that’s the only time they can squeeze you in. After all, you are the one who changed the schedule. If you want the job, you need to be accommodating.

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