Resume Must-Haves for Desktop Support Jobs

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Desktop support jobs are a key position for any organization. With the universal reliance on technology, the maintenance of these essential business tools becomes a crucial role. It makes desktop support positions excellent opportunities for good salaries and stable job security.


According to, desktop support jobs carry an average salary of around $53,600, with some positions paying more than $60,000. Meanwhile, job prospects in the industry are very strong. Government statistics show the potential of 8% overall growth in the industry during the 2020s – a much higher growth rate than average. But how do you land these jobs? What kind of skills do you need to showcase to take full advantage of the industry’s opportunities? Here are the resume must-haves for any desktop support candidate:




To get any desktop support position, you need to prove you can handle the job’s basic tasks. That means having the right education and all the required certifications. This will be the priority employers will look to fill. As such, prominently list your basic educational background. Highly valued degrees include fields like computer science, information technology, and computer networking.


Skill List


Don’t bury your most appealing competencies in the bullet points of your job history. Instead, break out a separate skill section to list each ability. This will give potential employers a quick-reference area for the qualifications they need filled. Top skills to include: computer hardware, network printers, firewalls, DHCP, and TCP IP. Don’t forget to list any software and mobile competencies you have as well. The broader the skill base, the more useful you’re likely to be to an ambitious organization.


Name-Drop Skills from the Job Description


Many organizations use key-word finders as part of their resume-review process. As such, you don’t want to miss any relevant skills that you can bring to the table. Don’t assume that something is too essential to mention or that a similar skill will be sufficient. Use the job description as a guide. Edit your resume to exactly match the skills listed in the post. (Assuming you have that skill, of course. Don’t make things up; make sure that your relevant skills will be evident to a computer algorithm.)


Achievements Vs. Skills


A list of the right skills proves you have the baseline abilities to fill a desktop support role. However, that’s not going to get you hired. Most of the candidates for any particular position will have those fundamental qualifications. You have to go a step beyond. Show that you’re more than just “good enough.” Fill your resume with specific achievements, examples of where you’ve gone beyond the call of duty. Where possible, provide quantifiable examples as well.


Soft Skills


Yes, desktop support is a rigorous field. You need to have the technical chops to get the day-to-day job done. But employers are looking for something more. In addition to the hard skills necessary to complete routine tasks, they want you to have the abilities required to become a good employee and a good teammate. That’s where your soft skills come in. Let desktop support hiring managers know that you have talents such as communication, leadership, and teamwork. Detail examples of these abilities on your resume.


Find Your Next Opportunity


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