Inside the Hiring Process with Qualified Staffing

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Qualified Staffing is all about matching job seekers with their ideal opportunities. We want to find the perfect position for your skills and background. What’s more, we want to set you up for continued growth and career development.


As part of this mission, it’s crucial to be as transparent as possible.


You should know what to expect. We know you understand the value of using a staffing firm. Figures show that 16 million temp and contract employees get positions through a staffing agency in any given year.


Leveraging these services represent an amazing way to jumpstart your career. Still, some people remain reluctant to utilize a staffing firm.


Knowing the process ahead of time will help eliminate these doubts. With that in mind, here’s a look inside the hiring process with Qualified Staffing:


Look at What We Have to Offer


Research is the key first step for any job search. That fact doesn’t change when you decide to use a staffing firm. Before leaping into anything, you need to learn as much as possible.


As such, take a look at what Qualified Staffing has to offer.


Check out the positions we currently have available to see if there is something that matches your skills. Then, reach out to our expert recruiters to learn how we can help you land your dream job.


Send Your Application


Once you’ve read through our offerings, it’s time to fill out your application.


You can do this through our online portal. Or you can send us your resume.


With your traditional job submission, we will review your qualifications and see how we can match them with our available opportunities.


Initial Phone Screen


If you’re a match for a particular client, we’ll schedule a brief phone conversation.


This will be your first chance to make a personal connection. This discussion is less detailed than a full-fledged interview (which will come later).


The goal is to let us know whether you are right for the particular assignment.




If you’re well-suited for a particular position, it’s time for a more formal interview.


This will take place either with a Qualified Staffing professional or with a specific employer. The details will depend on the situation.


This conversation will have the feel of a typical interview. It’s your chance to show off your interpersonal skills, give context to items on your resume, and share your career story.


Gather Additional Details


Once we secure the basic details, it’s time to gather some supplementary information.


The specifics will depend on the situation, but we’ll run some additional screens to double-check your work history. Here are some of the procedures you should expect:


  • Reference check
  • Background check
  • Drug screen


Skills Assessment


Some positions require highly specific skills.


As we look to make the perfect match for you, it’s crucial to get an idea of your capabilities. As a result, many assignments will come with certain skill assessments.




Our role doesn’t end with a hiring decision. Once you’ve landed a new position, you’ll get all the information you need to succeed in your assignment.


You’ll get background about the company and about the job, getting you ready to impress from day one.


Team Up with Qualified Staffing

Take advantage of the career-boosting power of a top-ranked staffing firm.


By teaming with Qualified Staffing, you can find the best fit for your talents and work history. Contact Qualified Staffing today to land that perfect job.