Stop Filling Out Applications: Find Your Next Career

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Almost every job search eventually becomes a slog. Once you lose the initial excitement that comes with seeking a new position, the process can fall into a tedious, frustrating rhythm. Qualified Staffing can break you out of this exasperating cycle, allowing you to stop filling out applications and find your next opportunity quickly and easily.


Qualified Staffing changes the dynamics of your job search. Instead of applying for dozens of positions, you can go through the process once. You can submit your name to a wide variety of opportunities and conserve your time and resources for other avenues of career development.


Wasting Time


Does this process sound familiar? You find an intriguing opening. You spend an (often irritating) amount of time filling out the application. Then, you wait (usually in vain) for some type of response. Repeat over and over and over again. This traditional method of finding opportunities leads to significant wastes of time. It’s not unusual to spend more than an hour to fill out a single job application. This investment makes sense if you have a good chance to land the position. But it’s often hard to tell at the application stage what your chances are. The significant time commitment is made worse by the nature of typical job applications. Most ask for the same information – data points that could be drawn from your resume or standard questions that you’ve answered dozens of times already. Each time, you have to roll your eyes and go through the grind of entering your answers again.


Losing Opportunities


The frustration involved in filling out job applications is enough to make you give up. And you’re not alone in that instinct. A study conducted by CareerBuilder showed that 60% of job seekers give up on applications before they finish. While your decision to ditch overly complicated applications might be understandable (even rational in many cases), doing so does limit your prospects. Those abandoned attempts represent potential opportunities that you don’t have a chance to capture. You might give up on your perfect position, just because of a poorly designed application.


A Better Way


So what’s the answer? Just swallow your frustration and slog through every application, no matter how much time it costs you? Or accept the fact that you have to limit your horizons and not have a chance at every opportunity? Those both seem like bad options. Luckily, there’s another way to go about the job application process.


Make Yourself Available for More Opportunities with Qualified Staffing


By connecting with Qualified Staffing, you make yourself available for dozens of opportunities. By tapping into Qualified Staffing’s extensive network of clients, you instantly make yourself available for a wide variety of opportunities. In other words, with one application, you get considered by a wide variety of employers.


In this way, Qualified Staffing improves your job search on multiple fronts at once. You increase your chances of getting hired, lower the time needed to find a job, and expand the number of places that will consider you – all thanks to a single application.


It makes for a much more efficient process, and it leads to better outcomes in the long run. Ready to upgrade your job search? Contact Qualified Staffing today to learn more.