4 Things to Help You Fit In With Your New Co-Workers

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First days are hard. When you land that new job, there’s the initial sense of elation. But as you come in for that first day, it’s common to be struck by a bout of nerves.


Doubts set in: Will I get along with my new boss? Will my work meet expectations? And maybe the toughest of all, will I get along with my new co-workers? (Cue hard flashback to junior high.)


The first day doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking though. Here are four tips to make getting along with your new co-workers that much easier:


  1. Remember: It’s Mostly About the Work


It’s work. People will like and respect you if you make their work lives better. The first step in that process is being competent at your job. The same kind of things that will impress your boss will also set the stage for good relationships with your co-workers: show up on time, leave any drama at home, don’t be too chatty at inappropriate times and basically do what you can to keep things running smoothly.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions


The first few days of work might seem awkward and intimidating. Your instinct might be to keep as low a profile as possible, but your status as a newbie comes with some benefits.


People are willing to give you some slack and help you out. A month from now, asking certain questions will be embarrassing; now, it’s expected.


Approach your new co-workers with any questions you have about the job. It will help you get competent at what you’re doing much quicker (see tip #1), which they will appreciate. It’s also a great way to break the ice. Ask a few questions and the people around you won’t be strangers anymore.


  1. Be Someone Other People Want to Be Around


Imagine the tables were turned. You’re a long-time veteran of a company and someone new joins the staff. What would you want them to act like? Think about the answer to that question and use it to guide your behavior.


On the most basic level, the best course of action is pretty simple. Do all those things your mom told you on the first day of school: be friendly, introduce yourself, don’t have a thin skin and recognize the process of getting comfortable might take a little while.


  1. Find Common Interests


Once you’ve settled in and have earned a basic level of respect from your new co-workers, you can work on building long-term relationships. As any dating site will tell you, that takes common interests. So be on the lookout for opportunities to build those kinds of bridges.


Poker nights, football pools, bowling outings, softball teams – these are all the type of activities that can help form strong friendships in the workplace.


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