Get Your Resume Noticed with These 3 Tips

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For HR managers, resumes come in waves, in swarms, in stampedes. A typical job posting will get hundreds of replies. How can you get your resume noticed in this crowd?


It’s a pivotal question. Studies have shown that recruiters review individual resumes for a frighteningly short period of time. In fact, you should expect to get around seven seconds to make an impression. Not much time to sell yourself as a potential employee. But don’t panic just yet. There are some steps you can take to break through the crowd. Here are three tips that will help you get your resume noticed:


Emphasize What Sets You Apart


Don’t get bogged down in the qualifications that make you merely adequate. Sure, you need to show that you fit the basic requirements for the position. But most of the people applying for the job will have those minimum capabilities too. You need to set yourself apart. As you look over your resume, ask yourself this crucial question: “what makes me different than a typical applicant for this job?” Or to put it in different terms, “what additional value can I bring to this role that most other candidates can’t?” Focus on those competitive advantages. Ensure your resume goes beyond the basic qualifications to highlight the skills that set you apart from the average job applicant.


Customize for Each Position


Think about what it’s like when you listen to a salesperson you know is working off a script. They say the same thing to every customer. No matter how you respond and no matter what your particular needs might be, the sales pitch is always the same. It’s relatively easy to say “no.” Blasting out the same resume to every employer is like using a script for sales calls. It’s a low-probability approach, reliant on substantial volume to achieve any success. You can be efficient in the number of positions that you apply to, but you only have a small chance of getting noticed by any particular one. Customizing your resume helps you make a better sales pitch. Start with a generic template resume. Then, use the job posting to understand what the individual company is hoping to find. From that, you can highlight the skills and background you possess that make you a perfect match.


Supplement with a Cover Letter


As a way to introduce yourself, the resume is a very limited document. Its scope is typically narrow, and its tone tends to be extremely dry. Usually, it consists of timelines and lists. Not exactly compelling material. Most successful sales pitches rely more on narrative. You need to tell the story. A cover letter offers you the perfect opportunity. Use your cover letter to supplement the information included in your resume. This document lets you add depth and context, allowing you to engage more with the HR staffers sifting through candidates.


Get Noticed with Qualified Staffing


It’s hard to get noticed during the job-search process. Most of the time, you’re essentially cold-calling companies, throwing your resume on a thick pile. Having an “in” becomes essential. That’s what you get from a strong staffing agency, like Qualified Staffing. They can cut through the bureaucracy and connect you directly with the decision-makers. Contact Qualified Staffing today to learn more.