How to Show Your Staff You are Thankful For Them

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The holidays are all about looking back at the year that’s ending and preparing for the year that’s about to start. At Thanksgiving, we think about the things we appreciate most. At Christmas, we gather with family and friends to celebrate togetherness. And at New Year’s, we make our resolutions for the coming year.

The same basic process happens at any company as well. Closing out the year means looking at what worked, what didn’t and what projects seem most promising for next year.

For all the successes you have to celebrate and all the initiatives you plan to enact, you have your employees to thank. Since most people’s contributions come incrementally on a day-to-day basis, a long time can sometimes elapse between instances where you deliver an honest, heart-felt “thank you.”

That’s a shame. But the spirit of the holidays gives you an opportunity to rectify that somewhat. Here are a few ways to show your staff you’re thankful for them:

Tell Them About It

It may sound corny or uninspired, but start with simply telling your workers how much you appreciate them. In the busy give and take of the day-to-day grind, you probably don’t get much opportunity to express how you feel.

So, take a couple moments to let everyone hear you say “thank you.”

Beyond giving you an opportunity to let people know you’re thankful, it changes the dynamics of overall communication. Most of what you have to tell people is negative. A lot of the time, you’re either providing constructive criticism or turning down requests. Giving thanks allows you to change the script.

If a group “thank you” seems like an underwhelming approach, take it down to the individual level. Approach workers on a one-to-one basis and tell them specifically what about them or their performance has made the most impact on the business recently. It’s a good way to express appreciation and reinforces the positive things people are doing.

Show Them the Money

If we’re being broad-minded about it, you offer thanks to your staff every pay day. They work for you and you show them you appreciate the help by giving them some money. Think of it as a different meaning of “capital appreciation” – using capital to express your appreciation.

Offer your staff bonuses or raises or simply give them some gifts. It may seem less heartfelt than some of the other options, but it will provide a tangible benefit.

As they say: “It’s the thought that counts.” Make the thought count more by providing them with a little something extra in their paychecks.

Workers Just Want to Have Fun

It’s a two-birds-with-one-stone situation. You want to show people you’re thankful for them. Meanwhile, you’re also looking for ways to build team spirit and corporate culture. You can combine the two with a company function.

Schedule a party or company picnic as an explicit “thank you” for a job well done. It gives workers a chance to blow off steam on the company’s dime. Meanwhile, people build relationships and form a closer bond with the company as a whole.

Even if you don’t have the budget for a full-on event, you can spice up a normal workday with an additional treat. Bring in donuts or pizza to let people know you care.

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