If your “Help Wanted” sign isn’t working, we can help!

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Even before the lockdowns in 2020 caused unprecedented disruptions in the workplace and unemployment rates, businesses were scrambling to find and keep employees. A lot of things played into the shortage including wages, the lack of skilled workers, and the increased desire for a more flexible work environment. The pandemic resulted in great health concerns, childcare issues, and a lot of time to rethink careers which ultimately put companies on the staffing brink. Before you upsize your help wanted yard sign to a billboard, consider Qualified Staffing to help meet your needs.


Qualified Staffing has 37 offices that stretch across 12 states and Canada. We have a huge talent pool that we’re able to pull from to find employees who possess the exact skills our clients are looking for. We’re very successful in finding talent. In fact, we staff more than 800 positions at one of our partner companies.


Qualified Staffing is serious about saving its clients time and money when it comes to hiring. Our experts work closely with you to understand the position you’re trying to fill and the skills you’re looking for. We spend the time doing in-depth, in-person interviews, skills assessment testing, and reference checks. We’ll even do client-specific background checks, drug testing, and client-specific safety training.


Our staffing options are flexible – temp-to-hire, direct placement, contract, or managed services. We service a variety of industries including professional, administrative/clerical, light industrial, warehouse, skilled trades, and technical.


Qualified assigned employees are extremely successful in the positions they fill. On average, they stay in the original position for about two years or longer. The industry average is only 8 weeks. Qualified Staffing digs deep to find the right person for the job. This means you’re not on a constant treadmill looking for help.


We stick with our candidates even after they’re placed through our Q-Connect program. We want to make sure the position is a fit for them and provide you with any feedback. We develop long-lasting partnerships with our client companies. We host educational webinars, provide lunch & learns, and offer benefits like custom wage analyses, turnover reports, and exit surveys.


“We have filled more than 200,000 positions since starting in 1988. We know you’re ready to fill jobs so your company can be as productive as possible. Qualified Staffing is ready to work for you!”


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