Importance of Having Safety Professionals on Staff

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Hiring full-time safety professionals to fill out your staff can make a big difference in improving your safety profile. At first glance, these additional employees might seem like an added expense. But, in reality, they can help you save money and improve productivity.

Better safety comes with a host of financial benefits. You face a lower risk of accidents, which means fewer injuries and fewer costly work stoppages. Your bottom line can also benefit from lower insurance rates and a better relationship with regulators.

Meanwhile, safety professionals can help you boost productivity. By keeping workers healthier and providing an environment that makes them more confident, your workers will be able to accomplish more in less time.

Here are some of the specific benefits you receive from having safety professionals on staff:

Safety Should Be a Full-Time Concern

Every company talks big about safety. Everyone announces their dedication and provide PR materials showing their solemn commitment to the highest standards. Often, this is just empty rhetoric. Hiring full-time professionals let you put your money where your mouth is.

Keep Up with Best Practices

Industry standards change over time. What might be considered standard operating practice this year might be recognized as a health hazard next year. Keeping up with these changes can be difficult, given that your time is already committed to managing and growing your business. 

Full-time safety professionals take the burden off of you. They make it easier to evolve with changing times by keeping up with new developments and figuring out how to implement changes cost-effectively.

Track Regulatory Changes

Best practices aren’t the only things that evolve. Regulatory rules follow their upgrade cycle. This government oversight provides another important reason you should have professionals in place.

Your safety staff can track alterations in the safety codes for you. That way, you don’t get blindsided by an unpleasant inspection, potentially leading to a surprise fine or costly shutdown. 

Improve Compliance 

Knowing the right steps to maintain a safe workplace is the first step. The next stage involves getting employees to follow the protocols suggested. This involves a long-term process and dedicated oversight. Professional safety employees are better placed to encourage compliance and day-to-day dedication to safety rules.

Better Communication

Talking about safety can be hard. Employees are often shy about asking for safety improvements, afraid to be labeled as troublemakers. Meanwhile, management sometimes considers it a third-rail topic, a can of worms no one wants to open.

Safety professionals bridge this communication gap. They provide a safe, trustworthy go-between for conversations about a topic that can potentially turn sensitive. Having these staff members leads to more open discussions and, ultimately, better outcomes. 

Signal Your Commitment to Safety 

Show that you believe strongly in maintaining the highest-level safety regime. A professional safety staff proves your commitment, taking your dedication beyond words and turning it into a concrete reality. By doing this, you signal to your employees (as well as to your customers and the community at large) that you are willing to invest significant resources on safety.

Creating a safe workplace requires a dedicated, conscientious workforce. These employees can be difficult to find. Partnering with a strong staffing firm, like Qualified Staffing, makes the process easier. They can find the team members you need to improve safety, while still maintaining the highest production levels possible.

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