Top Performers Are Looking For These 4 Things In Job Descriptions

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Finding the best talent is a challenging endeavor. You face a lot of competition, meaning that every small advantage matters. As the first thing an applicant sees during the recruiting process, your job description can make a big difference. It not only entices candidates to apply, but it also sets the stage for more constructive conversations down the road.

After all, top candidates are cautious about where they submit their applications. They have multiple options. As such, they reserve their energy for significant opportunities. If your job description falls short, you might not get another chance. They will quickly move on to another opportunity.

The decision happens fast. At a glance, your dream employee might reject your job posting. If you can’t capture their attention and generate enough enthusiasm, it will be impossible to attract the best employees, no matter how well the rest of your recruiting process is run.

But how do you accomplish this? Here are four things you can include in your job description to attract top performers:


Big Picture and Small Picture

Top candidates want to know as much as possible about the position. This consists of the necessary details, like qualifications and requirements. But it also means providing a sense of day-to-day operations. Let them know what it’s like to work at the company. In other words, you want to give candidates a perspective on the position that covers both the small and big pictures.

Growth Prospects 

A well-crafted job description should also provide a broader sense of the company’s situation. You want candidates envision a long-term future with the firm. Make prospects to understand the likelihood that the company will expand over time, as well as their chances for individual advancement.

Signals of Culture

Culture matters, especially to top candidates. You provide a sense of your corporate culture by stating it outright in the job description, including a mission statement that explicitly details your priorities. You can also supplement this with more subtle clues. Do this by tailoring the tone of the job description to your brand identity. 

Production Values in the Posting

Most job descriptions are relatively bland. To stand out, try to put some style into the effort. This will not only increase engagement and draw attention. It will also provide valuable information about the vibe your company is trying to accomplish.

There’s a palpable difference between a 50-word craigslist post and fully-formed, well-presented job description. As such, put Some effort into the aesthetics of your job posting. This involves taking time to write a clever, interesting description, as well as other eye-catching elements, like video and other multimedia.

Your ability to recruit can represent a major deciding factor in how well your company will perform over time. Finding the right employees makes innovation and efficiency easier to achieve. By partnering with a first-class staffing firm, like Qualified Staffing, you can take your recruiting efforts to the next level.

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