3 Tips to Make Your Job Posting Stand Out

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You invest significant time and resources in your recruitment process. But you still have trouble finding the right candidate. Each time you get to the decision stage, you face a disappointingly small number of top-end prospects.

It doesn’t seem to make sense. You maximize your resume screening with the help of algorithms. You optimize your interviews with the latest techniques. You’ve fine-tuned your onboarding and training process to make sure your recruits have the best possible chance for success.

And yet, you still end up with a surprising number of hiring duds. The problem might not be the system. It might be your candidates.

After all, your eventual hires will only be as good as the pool of candidates you draw them from. You can’t catch a marlin when you’re fishing in a pond.

To create a more dynamic team, you need a more dynamic group of candidates. That starts with the job posting. Craft an engaging post and you’ll entice a promising selection of potential future hires.

Here are three areas to focus on when trying to improve the response you get with your job posting.

Communicate Culture

Corporate culture represents a key draw for any job candidate and provides an important point of differentiation from similar companies offering similar positions. Use your posting to maximize this selling point.

State your cultural goals explicitly. Include a mission statement laying out your values. Also, articulate a goal beyond profits. How does your company benefit clients? How does it positively affect the world at large?

By highlighting cultural matters, you’ll separate yourself from competitors and begin building a relationship with potential applicants.

Get (a Little) Creative

By definition, to stand out, you need to produce something different than anything else out there. You need to be different. You need to show some sparkle in order to attract attention.

Find ways to punch up the post. Ferret out clichés and replace them with something more vital. Include additional media to maximize reader interaction – things like images, video and infographics.

However, don’t overdo it. Wander too far into the the world of eye-catching memes and you can start to seem gimmicky and desperate.

Make a Pitch

Companies often see their positions as prizes that candidates compete over. In this view, the candidates have to sell themselves – the company’s job is just to pick the best applicant.

That might work for run-of-the-mill prospects, but it doesn’t work for the most highly skilled candidates. In those cases, the opposite is often true: The top candidates are the prizes and companies are competing for their services.

With that in mind, treat your job post as a sales pitch. Apply the old “always be closing” sales advice to the way you organize and present information.

Making a pitch in your job post will increase engagement and lead to better applicants. It also makes things easier when it gets to the offer stage. You’ve softened the candidate a little, getting them excited about the position before they even come in for the interview.

Finding the right candidates represents the first steps to building a first-rate team. A recruiter can do that heavy lifting for you. Qualified Staffing has top prospects waiting for your call. Contact us today to find out how we can streamline and improve your recruitment process.