Top Job Skills You Should Have in the Post-Pandemic World

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It’s common to say that COVID “changed the world.” That’s undoubtedly true. But, as a job seeker, it’s essential to identify exactly how it changed. To thrive in the new economic environment, you need to know the top skills you should have in the post-pandemic world.


According to one study, nine out of 10 of the jobs lost during COVID came from work that couldn’t be done remotely. That could be a problem for many workers since government statistics compiled a few years ago suggested that fewer than half the jobs in the U.S. (less than 44%) could be done from home. To fit into the rare group of professionals whose career trajectories will be safe from the next pandemic, you need to develop particular abilities. Here’s a list of the top skills to have in the post-pandemic world:




The human connection becomes hard in a world where “shelter in place” and “social distancing” have become common phrases. If you can discuss ideas over a variety of mediums, you’re well-suited for the post-COVID world. To upgrade these skills, make sure you can use any form of communication, from phone calls to text, to email to elaborate video presentations.


Crisis Management


The sudden transformation sparked by COVID underlines the importance of crisis management. Sure, most emergencies don’t take the form of a global pandemic. But any unexpected challenge can throw a business into chaos. Your ability to stay calm and solve problems on the fly will make you a crucial member of any team.


Problem Solving


Speaking of solving problems on the fly…The skills related to making good decisions and to overcoming challenges don’t just help during an emergency. Instead, they have almost universal application. A proven track record of strong problem-solving abilities will make you a highly marketable candidate in the post-pandemic world.




Another major lesson from the initial coronavirus outbreak: flexibility is crucial. An organization with the ability to change quickly can effectively react to a fast-changing environment. After the pandemic hit, firms that could ramp up remote production weathered the crisis. Those that couldn’t get left behind. The post-COVID landscape is likely to remain uncertain, making flexibility a key priority for any recruiter.


Technological Adaptability


Technology became the backbone of every firm’s COVID response. From video conferencing to new safety protocols, the ability to master new devices and updated software represented a deciding factor between success and failure. That will likely continue in the post-outbreak world. Your ability to learn new technology will make you a valuable asset.


Emotional Intelligence

Prior to COVID, “emotional intelligence” existed as a relatively obscure buzzword – a psychological notion only tangentially related to business. Now, it’s become a common talking point for hiring managers. Typically, businesses operate on a mostly rational basis. But in a time of uncertainty, it becomes important to understand other people’s feelings and to provide emotional stability for your coworkers. That’s the value of emotional intelligence, and the reason why showing this ability makes you a valuable team member.


Leadership and the Ability to Self-Manage


The outbreak forced firms to atomize their organizations. Hierarchies broke down as firms sent their employees home, essentially setting them up as self-contained mini branch offices. That structure puts a premium on an employee’s potential for keeping themselves on track. Your ability to thrive without constant oversight will make you a sought-after candidate.


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