How a Staffing Agency Can Help With Your Job Search

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Job searches can become long, frustrating experiences. Any shortcut will reduce anxiety and fast-track your ability to get your career rolling. Partnering with a recruiter is a great way to streamline the process. A staffing agency can help with your job search, accelerating your ability to find a position, and maximizing your potential by finding the ideal placement.


A recruiter can improve your ability to find a position in several ways at once. Here are a few of the key ways a staffing agency will jumpstart your job search:


Speed Up Your Search


When you are looking for a job, every moment counts. Ideally, you want to find a position immediately. As a practical matter, though, that never happens. The hiring process can take weeks, valuable time lost while you wait for an offer. One study showed that the average job search takes 43 days or a little over six weeks. However, sometimes the search can take much longer. Data compiled by the U.S. Labor Department suggest that the average time people receive unemployment benefits often stretches longer than 20 weeks. In February of 2020 (just before the COVID-19 outbreak caused massive disruptions in the job market), almost one in five (19.2%) people received unemployment benefits for at least 27 weeks. A staffing agency narrows the time gap. Since recruiters keep a database of corporate clients, they can find you a position quickly, sometimes almost immediately. This streamlined process gives you peace of mind and can potentially save you months of spinning your wheels.


Tap into Another Form of Networking


You hear it all the time: networking is the key to a successful job search. However, your ability to make connections is limited. Even if you engage in aggressive networking, you only have a limited group of people you can count on to advance your career. Working with a staffing agency lets you take this to a new level. Recruiters have sizable databases of corporate clients. Think of it as an industrial-sized network. They have a wide set of connections they can leverage to help you find the perfect placement.


Take Advantage of Increased Flexibility


Full-time, 9-to-5 jobs don’t fit every situation. Even if that describes your ideal schedule, you can still gain significant value from other structures. Working with a recruiter lets you take advantage of these opportunities. Through a staffing agency, you can experiment with part-time jobs or non-traditional schedules. Even if it doesn’t seem like an ideal fit long-term, these gigs can help you build a career. You can add experience and fill out your resume.


Get Expert Advice


Staffing agencies possess in-depth industry knowledge and an unparalleled understanding of the current labor market. They operate in these areas daily, allowing them to stay current with evolving trends and new developments. By working with a recruiter, you can tap into this expertise.


Find “Hidden” Opportunities


Recruiters can also let you see unpublished job opportunities. Many times, companies don’t rush to announce open positions publicly. They might vet internal candidates first. If they have a relationship with a staffing agency, they might turn to the recruiter first, before posting a job where you could find it on your own. The only way to be eligible for these hidden opportunities is to work with a professional. By nurturing your relationship with a recruiter, you step into a wider job market than you can access on your own.


Build Your Career


Don’t let your job search become stale. On your own, you can waste weeks slogging through online postings and sending out resumes. But working with a strong recruiting partner, like Qualified Staffing, can get you into a position faster, while also maximizing your long-term career opportunities. Contact Qualified Staffing today to jumpstart your job search.