Hoping to hire? Here’s what you need to know…

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Demand for employees is at an all-time high across all sectors and businesses.


As workers look to re-enter the workplace after the pandemic or are simply interested in changing jobs, there are new trends that impact the way talent is tapped.


Workers are in the driver’s seat and now more than ever have a hand in writing their job description. Be ready for requests that you would have never considered in the past – watching kids while working, atypical work hours, even unaccrued vacation time.


Accommodations are being made more frequently as long as the job gets done. While these requests may seem a little far-fetched, the competition for top talent is fierce and being flexible will help you get the right employee.


Focus on your soft skills. Soft skills include social skills, communication skills, and traits and attitudes that make getting the job done more efficient.


Employees want you to be empathetic to their request to work from home. They appreciate you understanding why it’s important for them to take an hour out of their workday to network with employee resource groups.


On the flip side, you can require their communication and social skills to be on point.


Your employees need to be upfront with how a project is going and communicate both positive and pain points. Turning to technology, applicant tracking software is helping businesses keep track of candidates when it comes to where they are at in the interview process, who has been hired, and who is no longer in the pipeline.


Another emerging tool is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is used to automate candidate sourcing and find potential candidates by scouring the internet and providing you with candidate suggestions. AI is also used in screening processes to analyze facial expressions. A tool called predictive analysis anticipates how and when you should staff up and which candidates are the best pick for the job.


Whatever technology you use, it makes sense to look for candidates that fit the job description to a tee, which is easier said than done with so many businesses scrambling for talent.


Another current trend involves hiring alternative candidates.


These are people who are interested in the position or company and are ready to learn. As retaining talent continues to be a challenge, alternative candidates may have more loyalty as they understand and appreciate the chance you took on them.


As the tools for attracting candidates continue to evolve, it’s important for you to stay current in your techniques.


Progressive hiring processes show candidates that your company is flexible, adaptable, and ready for the future.



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