Make Your Workplace Safer With These 3 Apps

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Technology long ago took over the workplace. You use it in almost any aspect of business – probably to such an extent that you’ve stopped thinking about it as “technology.” Now, it’s just the tools you work with.

You use computers to facilitate the sales process, drive efficiency and to improve production. But one aspect that often gets the short shrift: safety.

Are you still handing out stacks of paper in plastic binders as your safety manuals? Are you still filling out incident reports by hand? Does your first-aid preparedness consist of posters on the wall?

If so, it may be time to boost your safety game with the injection of a little technology. You don’t necessarily need an expensive high-tech security apparatus. An improvement can be made with some off-the-shelf phone apps.

Here are three apps that can instantly make your workplace safer.


If you want to lay aside the prehistoric methods of organizing safety information, iAuditor might be a good first step. It allows you to put aside the paper and clipboard, saving time and increasing the depth of the safety auditing process.

This iPhone and iPad app, put out by SafetyCulture Pty Ltd, helps create safety documentation. It allows you to create customized inspection forms and provides safety checklists. You can conduct inspections using your device – a feature that doesn’t require Internet access. Use your device’s camera to include photos in the inspection process.

OSHA Safety Apps

The first basic step of a safe workplace is having the right information. It’s also important to comply with government guidelines. OSHA provides a couple apps aimed at improving safety, allowing you to get information directly from the regulatory source.

The OSHA Safety App, put out by the government agency, provides the complete text of its regulations and guidelines, covering most workplaces. You can also get updates over time, with a weekly OSHA bulletin and any updates or news releases put out by the regulator.

OSHA has a separate app aimed at alleviating the dangers of extreme heat. The goal is to minimize the risk of heat stroke or other heat-related illness – a concern during the hot summer months. The app uses location tracking and weather data to produce a customized risk level heat index. It also details precautions that should be taken to avoid the dangerous consequences of overheating.

First Aid by the American Red Cross

If a mishap does occur, the first step is to secure everyone’s physical welfare. Being able to apply quick and effective first aid can prove critical in these situations. Luckily, the Red Cross has an app for that.

The app includes instructions to take care of common emergency situations. Also, content is presented in both English and Spanish. The app isn’t only for emergency situations. There’s training and preparation resources as well, reinforced with videos and quizzes.

It should be noted that first aid shouldn’t replace seeing a medical professional in the case of an injury. If necessary, call an ambulance. And keep in mind that even minor injuries should get a follow up with a doctor.

Safety first!

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