Managing Your Peers – What to Do When Promoted to Manager

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Getting promoted to manager should represent a time of celebration. But it isn’t all cake and ice cream. There can be a bittersweet side as well. If you get promoted above your group of work friends, it can lead to jealousy and potentially awkward interactions. 

This changing relationship can require a delicate transition. Here are a few steps you can take to deal with the fact that you’ve been promoted over your friends:

Talk to Your Coworkers

Things have changed. Promotions happen suddenly (one minute, you’re a member of the team…the next, you are the boss). That means you can’t ease into your new role. The transition, by its nature, has to be abrupt.

These dynamics can lead to hurt feelings. Knowing what to say to coworkers when you get promoted can be difficult. It’s better to acknowledge the change directly, rather than let negative emotions fester. Talk to your team about the new structure and explicitly communicate how you plan to operate. Hopefully, this will avoid confusion and future misunderstandings. 

Acknowledge You Were Promoted to Manager for a Reason

New responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Even if you feel a little intimidated by your new role, don’t think twice about accepting the promotion or exercising your new management duties. You were given the responsibility for a reason. Accept that your bosses believe in your potential and that you’re qualified to handle the new position.

Develop a Thick Skin

Unfortunately, not everyone will be happy with the new normal. At least some of your work pals will likely resent your new role as their boss. That’s a shame. However, there’s nothing you can do about their feelings. You have to accept that they don’t like the situation and move on.

You have to stay focused on your goals. The manager promotion is a big step for you, opening your career horizons and creating new opportunities to learn and to grow. Don’t squander this chance by focusing on other people’s jealousy. In other words, don’t chase friendships. Focus on the positive and ignore the rest.

Nurture New Relationships

Being promoted to manager will likely open up opportunities to mingle with a new peer group. Start building relationships and develop connections with this group of people you probably didn’t have much contact with before.

These managers likely went through a similar experience. They can give you advice that will help with managing peers after promotion. At the same time, you can learn tips about how to succeed in your new role, and develop an enriched network that can boost your career over the long haul.

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