Harvard Business Review’s Tips on Mental Health in the Workplace

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Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it can have a big impact on employees and employers alike. Between the stress of the pandemic, busy schedules, and day to day workplace issues that pop up, it is more than likely many of us are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


When adding the Holiday Season on top of all that, the stress can be immeasurable for many. There are simple things we can all do to minimize these negative feelings resulting in us becoming more productive at our jobs.


Harvard Business Review lists some key things that employers can do to help their employees’ mental health:

  1. Vulnerabilityis a strength. Employers who use this strength and openly communicate can better connect with employees and help them feel more comfortable doing the same. It can have a positive and encouraging outcome when you open up to someone about what you are going through.
  2. Show you care. Do things for your own well-being. For example, take short breaks throughout the day, go for a walk, set boundaries for yourself when it comes to working and checking email, etc., to show employees that they should be doing the same.
  3. Check in with your employees. Sometimes people just need someone to listen to what they are going through or struggling with. It is easy for people to become isolated when they feel like nobody around them cares. Your employees should feel valued as both a worker and a human being.
  4. Being flexible during these times is crucial. Allowing flexibility when it comes to work doesn’t mean you are sacrificing the quality or quantity of work getting done. It simply means you are willing to work with your employees who may have things going on outside of their control. Caretaking has become a huge responsibility for a lot of people, and flexibility could mean the difference between staying at or leaving a job.
  5. Communication is key! Keep your employees up to date on any policy changes that may come up. Doing something as simple as sending out an email with mental health resources can be extremely beneficial. Communicating to your employees what work istop priority can help eliminate confusion and keep people connected and on track.


Consider incorporating mental health training for employees. It is important to show people there is nothing to be ashamed of if they are struggling.


Send out a survey to find out how people are feeling, what they need to be more successful, etc. The bottom line is that mental health is a serious topic that should not be ignored. It doesn’t matter what age we are, what stage of life we’re in, or how accomplished we are within our careers.


Mental health is something we always have to pay attention to. Improving mental health can not only help the individual but the company as a whole.


Consider incorporating some of these simple yet effective techniques to show your company that you care about this topic and you care about your employees.



Source: https://hbr.org/2020/08/8-ways-managers-can-support-employees-mental-health