Non-Monetary Benefits to Offer in Your Workplace

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You can’t always give out raises. Even when you have what you consider the best possible staff, budgetary constraints and basic market forces keep you from granting your top-flight team all the money you think they deserve.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do things for them. There are plenty of non-monetary benefits you can grant your workers that don’t involve money.

Making these investments improves retention and minimizes turnover, helping you create the most productive team possible. With that in mind, here are some of the best non-monetary benefits you can provide to improve your workplace:

Food and Drink

Dedicated employees often give up lunch breaks, or work late into the evening. Why not make that process a little more pleasant?

Provide a variety of snacks and drinks in the break room to get people through the doldrums of the average workday. Beyond that, consider providing meal credits for times when your workers must push through a deadline … something so they don’t have to stuff a baloney sandwich or a wilted salad into their mouths while they give up their breaks for the company’s benefit.

Schedule Flexibility

Work-life balance is all about time. Having the ability to set their own schedule gives workers the ability to control their time better.

Obviously, you have work you need completed. But within those confines, give as much leeway as possible. Let people work 10-hour days Monday through Thursday, and then take a three-day weekend. Or let them leave early to catch their kids’ softball games. Or let them work from home when they need to.

All this flexibility ingratiates the company to your workers and increases their overall satisfaction.

Learning Opportunities

People don’t just work for money. They want challenges and to grow as people.

Provide those kinds of opportunities. Let people try new roles. Have informal internal “internships,” where employees from one division can help out with projects in other parts of the company. They get to develop their skills and you learn more about them as workers.

You can also make the commitment to learning more formal. Provide a stipend that allows workers to take classes to improve their work skills. You’ll end up with higher-skilled employees, and they will feel more excited about their careers.


Creating a welcoming and rewarding work environment makes the workday feel more worthwhile. By developing an enriching corporate culture, you make your company more than a place to pick up a paycheck.

A key aspect of culture comes from a sense of mission. Do what you can to find the higher calling in what you do and communicate that to your staff.

Also, make sure you are providing recognition for your employee’s achievements. No one wants to feel like a cog in a corporate wheel, ignored and easily replaced. Let people know their individual contributions are appreciated. A short conversation every so often can do a lot to cement the relationship between the company and an employee.

Building strong relationships with employees, ones that go beyond a mere trade of labor for pay, starts with the right team. An industry-leading staffing firm, like Qualified Staffing, can ensure you have the talent you need to build an energized and dedicated workforce.

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