Summer Courses for Teachers – Accelerate Your Teaching Career

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Summer break usually gives both teachers and students a chance to recharge and to regroup. However, learning doesn’t have to end just because the school year has come to a close. Why not use a portion of those months to enhance your career with online courses for teachers?

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc with school schedules, this summer will likely have a different feel. Still, there is opportunity for growth and new advancements. Maybe even more so now. 

But how? During the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person workshops moved to a digital platform, and some have discounted their programs or waived the participation fees entirely. Here are a few areas to consider advancing during your time at home to upgrade your knowledge and to enhance your skills: 

Take Classes Within Your Current Subject

If you teach in the higher grades (junior high and high school), you likely specialize in particular subjects: math, science, history, art, etc. Summer allows you to expand your knowledge of these subjects.

The additional information will make you a better teacher. You can enrich your classroom presentation with more detail. You can also work toward an advanced degree, which will put you in higher demand if you look to change schools.

Start Building Toward a New Expertise

Online courses for teachers don’t just give you an opportunity to improve your knowledge within your current specialty, they also let you broaden your horizons. You can start working towards an additional degree in another subject.

Again, this can increase your earning potential, allowing you to pick up additional classes in other subject areas. It also gives you flexibility when you look for other positions. Additional competencies can also help you add salary through coaching and tutoring opportunities. 

Improve Your Teaching Skills

Teaching requires you to excel on two fronts at once. You need an in-depth knowledge of the subject you are teaching. At the same time, you also have to be able to communicate that information to your students effectively and engagingly.

Summer break offers an opportunity to develop this second aspect of teaching skill set. By taking digital education classes or seminars on teaching techniques, you can fill up your academic bag of tricks. You can also look to other teachers on YouTube for new class presentation ideas. You’ll become a better instructor, improving your ability to transmit information to your students.

Look Towards Administration

A teaching career doesn’t always end in a classroom. There are other aspects of the educational industry that you can explore. Summer break gives you an excellent chance to work towards additional degrees in subjects like administration.

This opens up new career opportunities. With an administration degree, you can pursue positions as a vice-principal, principal, or as a superintendent. You gain access to higher-paying positions and exciting new challenges. At the same time, you can still work with children and stay within the educational field.

Broaden Your Horizons

The summer also gives you a chance to change your career course entirely. Many people start as teachers before moving successfully into other fields. Just as one example, President Lyndon Johnson began his career as a classroom teacher in Texas.

With your summer open, you have the opportunity to chart a new course. You can add skills and acquire credits, with the eye on a post-educational career in some other field.

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