A Proficiency in Microsoft Excel Can Add Extra Value in Your Next Interview

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A proficiency in Microsoft Excel, or any similar spreadsheet program, represents a core skill in today’s job market. No matter what industry you are looking to conquer, you’ll get a boost with a deep knowledge of these products.

Individual software competencies have become central to the hiring process. Whatever other skills you have, if you don’t have experience in the core business programs for your industry, you’ll have trouble landing a position.

Excel goes a step beyond. Because spreadsheet programs are so widely utilized across every segment of the economy, you can leverage a competency in the program pretty much anywhere. It isn’t industry-specific. The software gets used everywhere.

Here are some of the extra benefits you gain from having a high level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel, or in a similar spreadsheet program:

Easier to Get Hired

Business relies on data and organization. These are the key attributes provided by a program like Excel.

The ability to manipulate numbers and analyze information has become essential to almost every profession. As such, skills in programs like Excel have become baseline requirements for many positions.

Without a minimum proficiency in spreadsheet programs, you’ll have trouble landing a position. On the other hand, a strong knowledge of the software can move you to the top of a resume pile.

Increased Salary

Along the same lines, Excel, and other similar programs, provide a meaningful way to advance within a company. Even if you are hired in a position that doesn’t require proficiency with the software, you’ll likely be stuck in that entry-level role until you gain some ability to use it.

In short, your Excel skills make you more valuable as an employee. This makes it easier to get recognized, meaning you will be in line for raises and promotions when the time comes.

More Efficient Workflow

Excel can add efficiency to almost any endeavor. A position might not specifically require knowledge of the software, but you can leverage your competency to get your work done better.

You can use the data manipulation and organizational tools that spreadsheet programs provide to produce better work products. These same attributes can also help you stay organized, allowing you to manage your time better and get more done.

Thus, Excel becomes an important background tool to upgrade your overall productivity.

Personal Use

Excel isn’t just helpful in the workplace. It can improve your projects as well.

Whether it’s running your household budget, or organizing investment portfolio, or any number of other tasks, the program can help you achieve your outside-of-work goals. You’ll become more efficient and productive at home.

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