Rev-Up Your Morning Routine With These 3 Tips

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The best way to rev up your morning…lots of caffeine, right? A Red Bull double espresso washed down with a Buzz Cola chaser on your way out the door. Then, you’re ready to run through walls until at least lunch time.

Well, that might be effective in the short term.

But eventually, your caffeine tolerance builds up and you don’t feel so revved up. You just feel regular. Except when you don’t get your caffeine fix and you’re left logy and prone to headaches. And that doesn’t even take into account the long-term damage you’re doing to your body.

What you want are healthy ways to bring out your natural energy. That way, you can keep it going all day, every day, into the long-term future.


So, this one involves getting up a little earlier. We know. That sounds counterproductive when you’re trying to boost your morning energy. But getting some exercise before heading to the office can jump start your energy levels.

Even if you aren’t willing to commit to a 5 a.m. five-mile run, there are ways of using physical activity to get the blood pumping ahead of your morning commute. Some light calisthenics (jumping jacks, crunches, etc.) or a short yoga routine should provide enough extra juice to get you going.

Healthy Breakfast

People often pair the Red Bull/coffee/Buzz Cola routine with a quick bite while running out the door. A bagel or a pastry or a quick microwavable hand-held thing that neither resembles the picture on the box nor food in general. Even healthier quick bites (a piece of fruit, for instance) don’t provide the nutrition necessary to get the morning started right.

So, take a little time to eat right. An article published by the Harvard Medical School suggests “healthful protein” and “slowly digested carbohydrates” along with fruits and vegetables. So, think egg white omelet or oatmeal with some granola and blueberries.

Go to Bed Earlier

The first two suggestions here might involve getting up a little early. Spend some time exercising, even if just enough to get the blood pumping, and spend a little effort getting some meaningful food in your stomach. But isn’t all this getting up early just going to make you more tired?

Well, there’s an obvious fix to that, but you’re not going to like it: get to bed earlier. If you want to get eight hours of sleep and you have to get up at 6 a.m., then you’d have to be ready to sleep at 10 p.m. Don’t blame us. That’s just math.

And we know what you’re thinking. You haven’t had a 10 o’clock bedtime since junior high. But the general point here isn’t the specific bedtime. It’s just the concept of weighing options. Maybe watching that third episode of The Walking Dead isn’t worth turning into a zombie yourself for all your morning meetings the next day.

Feeling motivated?

Of course, it’s easier to get revved up for work when you love what you do. Having the right job is the best way to keep up your interest and enthusiasm. The right staffing partner can get you into that perfect position. Contact Qualified Staffing today to find out how.