Help Wanted: 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire More People

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With COVID-19 making its way around the globe, shutting down economies, and forcing many businesses to lay off most of their employees, it may seem like a strange time to hang up your help wanted sign. But, eventually, the threat of the coronavirus will fade, and business will start to ramp up again. You want to be ready.

Deciding to add staff can be difficult. Hiring full-time help adds complexity to your organization, requires time to connect with candidates, and comes with significant risk and expenses. However, as your firm grows, your team will eventually have to grow with it. 

The key to managing growth is getting the timing right. Here are five signs; it’s time to hire more people:

You Are Missing Deadlines

Without adequate staff, it’s challenging to keep up with everyday responsibilities. Orders become delayed. Projects fall behind schedule. Deadlines get missed.

Occasional hassles are likely to occur, even when you’re fully staffed. However, if blown deadlines become a regular occurrence, it might be time to take action.

You’re Spending a Significant Amount on Overtime

Making due with inadequate staffing levels can get expensive. To make up for the lack of workforce, you have to lean on your existing team. That means overtime. You end up paying significantly more for routine output, just because of the bonus pay.

At the same time, the additional workload can lead to morale problems. Working 50 or 60 hours a week in short bursts doesn’t cause much long-term resentment (employees might see it as a way to earn extra cash). But, over the long haul, overexerting employees can lead to serious consequences.

People Are Doing Jobs Outside Their Specialties

Flexibility is a valuable trait. It can also become a crutch. You cover gaps in your talent pool by shifting employees to different roles. They might be able to get by with these unfamiliar responsibilities, but it will be difficult for them to thrive.

To reach your highest level of production, you need to fill each role with an individual qualified to perform that job. If you don’t have the right people to do that, it is time to augment your team with new hires. 

Customers Are Complaining

This is the ultimate test. With extra hustle and creativity, you might be able to get by with limited staff size. However, when your customers start to notice the problem, you need to take action.

Stay in close contact with your top clients. Make sure they receive the customer service they deserve. If you start to fall short in this area, you should add the staff necessary to serve your current customer base and to keep growing.

You Don’t Have Time for Your Job

When you don’t have enough frontline employees, it can impact your ability to perform your job. You end up taking up the slack. You have to jump into various roles to complete everyday tasks. That means you invest a lot of time on routine matters, rather than taking full advantage of your training and expertise. 

This isn’t an efficient way to run your business. Your time is valuable. You should focus on high-level projects and long-term strategic thinking. If you’re wasting your time on everyday matters, it’s time to bring in some additional help.

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