What Exactly Can a Staffing Agency Do for Your Business?

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You’ve heard a lot about staffing firms, but you’re still skeptical. You like your employees. You trust your hiring and training procedures. Everything has worked out fine for your business. What’s the point of bringing in strangers?


Well, first off, the goals of any staffing agency will include becoming a long-term partner. These aren’t strangers coming into your business. They are complimentary employees, helping you achieve your goals and following your procedures.


Here are some specific ways a staffing agency can improve your company:


Enhanced Recruitment

A staffing agency is constantly recruiting. You probably only seek out qualified employees at the times you happen to have a position to fill. This means the candidates you meet are only the ones looking for a job during that short period of time.


Staffing firms, meanwhile, are constantly seeking out new talent. This allows them to build a stable of qualified workers to choose from, taking much of the randomness out of the process.


Workers Ready to Work

Think about how much time passes from the moment you realize you need additional help to the moment the new worker finally starts. You need to put out the job posting, shuffle through resumes, schedule and conduct interviews, figure out who you liked best, offer the job and wait for the candidate to decide. We’re talking weeks at least.


Then there’s the process of training and orientation. And if you don’t find someone acceptable, the whole process starts all over from the beginning.


With a staffing firm, this process has already been done, long before you even knew you needed help. The workers are selected and vetted, ready to come work for you immediately.


Lower Risk of a Bad Match

Think about the recruitment and training process we talked about before, all the work that goes into hiring a new person and onboarding them into the company. Now think about what happens if that employee doesn’t work out. All that time and effort is wasted.


If a worker from a staffing firm doesn’t work out, the agency is able to replace them instantly.



Customer orders aren’t always predictable. You might have the right staffing levels most of the times, but a workforce made up entirely of full-time employees leaves you with little leeway for surprises. When a surprise order comes in, you’re scrambling. When a lull in production happens, you’re paying for hours where nothing is getting done.


Partnering with a staffing firm eliminates this problem. Keep the full-time workers you need for normal business. But supplement these with temporary workers through your staffing agency. Expand or contract your production schedule as needed, at basically a moment’s notice.


And a long-term partnership with a staffing firm allows you to know the temp workers who are coming in. These aren’t strangers off the street. Once you’ve established that relationship, you’ll be getting the same people you have used successfully in the past, ready to work when you need them.


Needs more convincing?

The best way to get your questions answered is to talk to an expert. Qualified Staffing is an industry leader ready to discuss the best staffing plan for your business.