Landed Yourself a Second Interview? Here Are Your Next Steps

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You scoured the web and found the perfect job opening. You re-taught yourself how to iron a shirt and managed not to sweat through it during the first interview. Something must have gone right, because they’ve called you back for a second meeting.

Now what?

First off, congratulate yourself. Even if you don’t end up getting the position, it’s a big step. Second, as encouraging as it is, don’t get overconfident. You’ve still got to ace the second interview, which is a different task altogether from acing the first one.

But fear not! Here are five tips that will allow you to go into that second interview with confidence.

Find Out as Many Details as Possible

First interviews tend to follow a particular, predictable format. You meet with a handful of people, sit across from a desk or conference table, talk for 15 or 30 minutes and answer fairly standard get-to-know-you questions. Second interviews are less universally scripted. They might last hours. You might move around the facility, meeting dozens of people from various departments. They might involve lunches.

Before going in, find out what the process will entail. That way, you can properly schedule your day and mentally prepare for what they want you to do.

Use What You Learned in the First Interview

One major advantage to the second interview: You’ve already met with them once. Use what you learned to tailor your performance in the second interview.

If you took good notes during the original job interview, you’ll have a leg up here. Things like people’s names and job titles, facts about the company, personal information about the interviewers that come up during the discussions – you can build on these in the second meeting. It’s always impressive to stroll in for the second interview and be able to say something like “Hey Jan, good to see you again…How was that garden show you were going to go to on Sunday?”

If you didn’t take good notes, don’t panic. You can reconstruct a lot of things from information publicly available on the company’s website.

Plan Some Follow-Up Talking Points

Now that you have the first interview as direction, research topics you know will come up during the second go around. Put together some talking points you can then casually bring up during your second meeting. You want to be able to say things like, “I was thinking about that project you mentioned last time. There’s actually some interesting research being done on that…”

Think of “We”

Going into the second interview, start to imagine yourself as part of the company’s team. Don’t be afraid to offer ideas and ask questions. Companies like when candidates show enthusiasm and a willingness to commit. They want to work with people who want to work with them. They also want people who can contribute beyond their job descriptions, so do what you can to show those traits.

Form Your Opinions

Remember: The interview represents a two-way street. The interviewers are evaluating you, but you are also evaluating the company. Don’t be so invested in selling yourself that you forget to process information about the company.

Have specific things you are looking for. If any concerns came up in your first interview, make sure they get addressed during the second meeting.

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