Is This Job the Right One for Me?

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You can’t build a job like you’re building Frankenstein’s monster. You can’t take the salary for Opportunity A, the corporate culture from Opportunity B and the boss from Opportunity C, then sew them together, add a little lightning and animate the ideal situation.

Unfortunately, you have to take the position as a whole. You can’t order a la carte. You have to go with the chef’s special, taking the famous homemade meatloaf with the much less appetizing tuna-noodle surprise on the side.

It makes rating a particular position much more difficult. You have to weigh a large number of factors to determine whether a situation is the right fit for you. Below are some of the key aspects to keep in mind.


Money isn’t everything, of course. But it’s also not nothing.

Keep a minimum salary in mind when reviewing a position – an amount you won’t go below. Also, make sure to research industry standards for the job you’re reviewing, so you can avoid getting low-balled.

Beyond that, treat salary as a trade off. If the other aspects on this list are wanting, you can make up for it with higher monetary compensation. Meanwhile, you’d be willing to forgo some cash if the other factors make up for it.

Cultural Fit

You spend most of your waking hours at work. Feeling comfortable, and even inspired, not only helps the time pass more pleasantly, it makes you more productive.

A welcoming and energizing corporate culture can help bolster your long-term career. You’ll accomplish more and you’ll learn more. With this in mind, don’t think about culture as a nice add-on. Make it central to your evaluation of a position.

Work/Life Fit

Your ideal work/life balance will shift over the course of a career.

There will be stretches when you can devote all your time and energy to your job. Other times, outside forces will demand your attention: relationships, children, sick parents, etc.

Think about where you are in your life cycle and consider the position in that context. Also, re-evaluate your situation as conditions change. A few years down the line, you might have a different ideal work/life mix in mind.

The People

It’s hard to tell at the recruitment stage whether you will be a good fit with your co-workers.

You can often use culture as a proxy; if the culture appeals to you, your co-workers will likely appeal to you as well.

Once you’re in a position, the people around you will become a key aspect of the work experience. Don’t let a single strained relationship drive you out the door. However, consider the social fit as you ponder your future career options.

Opportunity to Learn

Not everything is about right now. Some jobs don’t make a lot of sense in the near term (low pay, lots of hours, demanding work conditions), but fit perfectly into your long-term plans.

Keep the future in mind when picking a job. The opportunity to learn and gain experience offers an invaluable asset. You might not love it now, but you’ll appreciate the doors it opens.

Finding the perfect position for the current stage in your career is important for optimizing your potential. Working with a recruiter makes this evaluation easier.

A top staffing firm, like Qualified Staffing, can help you weigh the various aspects of a position and place you in the ideal situation to drive your career forward. Contact Qualified Staffing today to find out more.