Beware of These 3 Warning Signs Before Accepting an Offer

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You’ve made it to the final job search stage: the offer. After slogging through unemployment limbo, enduring the ego-shrinking ordeals of the job search process and overcoming your insecurities during the interview, you’re finally at the finish line. But just before you cross, there’s a few things to consider.

Not all opportunities are created equal. Taking a position at the wrong company can set back your career development and prevent you from obtaining a better position somewhere else.

How do you know if you’re walking into a bad situation?

Here are three warning signs to look for during the hiring process that could tip you off that the job isn’t worth taking.

High Turnover

It’s never a good sign if a company can’t hold employees. It suggests structural issues that make long-term commitments unlikely. If other workers are only using this company as a stepping stone, you might want to just skip this step and move right on to the next option.

However, it may be difficult to spot high turnover during the hiring process. You only have a few chances to gather any information, but there are some steps you can take.

Ask about turnover during the interview process. If they give a disappointing or dodgy answer, there might be a problem. Also, ask your interviewers individually how long they have been with the company. If everyone you talk to has only been there a few months, that’s a potential warning sign.

Disorganized Process

The hiring process can offer a clue to the company’s entire operating philosophy. It gives you a chance to see how the firm goes about its business. Look out for signs their system might be broken.

Were communications with the company confused? Was it difficult to get hold of people when you were scheduling interviews? Once you got there, was there confusion about where the interview would happen or who would be involved? Was there tension between interviewers?

The hiring process works like a first date. And like a first date, it’s easy to push aside red flags in the excitement of something new and seemingly promising. But don’t get swept up in the “romance”. Pay attention to any warning signs that come up.

Bad Vibe From Current Staff

The best judge of a workplace is the people who work there. If you want to know what you are getting into, you’ll find out the most pertinent information from the current staff.

Unfortunately, you might not have that much access to people during the hiring process. There will be the HR folks and management types, but they will have their professional game faces on.

As best you can, try to get a feel of what the rank and file think of the company. See how people are working. Start up some chit-chat if you bump into anyone. Talk to the receptionist when you first come in.

If people start flat-out complaining, you know there are problems. Even if their answers are more diplomatic, you should be able to get a general feel of the situation by things like pace of work, body language and general excitement levels.

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