Why You Should Try a Skills-Based Resume For Your Next Job Search

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Most of us make a resume for the first time as we finish school. From there, even as our careers progress over years or even (yipes) decades, we usually stick to the same resume model. We may update, we may tweak, we might improve, but we never get around to completely rewriting, even though we know the job market has moved on.


It might be time for an overhaul.


A lot of job seekers are switching to a skills-based resume. This format focuses on particular skills, rather on a chronological description of your experience.


Resumes might not seem like a prime target for innovation. However, the job market evolves pretty quickly. Even a few years can be enough to make the style of your resume out of touch. This may seem like needless refurbishment, but there’s a lot of merit in many of the innovations.


Here are three key reasons why you might consider trying a skills-based resume:


Job Descriptions Don’t Tell the Whole Story


It’s possible that in a simpler time, a person’s working life could get summed up in a single description. Lawyer. Plumber. Accountant. But in today’s real world, this isn’t always the case. It’s probably closer to the truth to say it is never the case. Job descriptions rarely capture the extent of your responsibilities or the talents you used in a particular role.


Skills-based resumes allow the opportunity to break out the individual attributes that were required at different points during your career. They provide a more nuanced picture of your capabilities. They also allow you to include a lot of ancillary skills that are important to prospective employers, but might get left out of a traditional resume.


You Never Know What a Company Will Need


There’s a lot to summarize on a resume. Years of experiences need to be broken down into a hundred words. You don’t want to clog things up with a series of redundant statements and unnecessary information.


Skills-based resumes provide a more efficient way to present your experience. This in turn allows you to include more meaningful information about yourself. It helps companies find exactly what they are looking for from you.


Complicated Careers Are Hard to Summarize


Not every career progresses in a straight line. Ideally, your work life unfolds as a series of promotions and advancements, each bringing you closer to the career goal you set for yourself in high school. But real life is more complicated.


Careers sometimes stall out, forcing you to switch tracks. Or maybe you took time out to raise a child or care for a sick parent. Perhaps you’re cobbling together a career with short-time gigs and freelance assignments.


These types of careers are hard to summarize in a clear linear fashion. A skills-based resume allows you to accentuate your key experiences. Also, skills learned in earlier career stops don’t get buried at the bottom of the resume.


Find the Right Resume Fit For You!

Of course, the perfect way to put your best foot forward is to get professional advice. A staffing agency can help you choose the best resume format for you. Contact Qualified Staffing today to get the polished resume you need for your next job search.