5 Workplace Issues to Solve in 2019

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The holidays are over and resolutions are in full swing. People have renewed their gym memberships, sworn off sweets and recommitted to invigorating their careers. Those first two promises might not last past March 1, but hopefully the career stuff stays in play throughout 2019.

Still, however committed to a goal, nothing is ever easy. Navigating the workplace in 2019 comes with some clear challenges.

Here’s a list of the top five issues you’ll have to contend with during the coming year:

Evolving Cultures of Inclusivity

Standards of workplace communication have been evolving quickly in recent years. Commonplace procedures from not too long ago are considered untenable now. In the wake of high-profile movements like #MeToo, it has become incumbent up on employers to make every employee feel safe and welcome.

That much is a given, but the standards of what that entails continue to change quickly. Companies will have to commit to staying nimble and up-to-date on cultural expectations in 2019, especially as it relates to workplace behavior and the firm’s online presence.

Managing Freelancers

The gig economy is here to stay. In fact, the use of freelancers and contract employees will only increase in the years to come. This can bring financial benefits to the companies using their work. But it also causes logistical problems that require delicate management.

In 2019, companies will have to grapple with the ongoing growth in the contracting sector. Further investments in technology and a keen sense of organization will provide key levers for making the freelance economy work.

Dealing With Turnover

In part because of the increasing reliance on contractors, turnover will remain an issue throughout 2019. Freelancers will shuffle in and out. Meanwhile, the tight labor market and the ability to find flexible situations elsewhere could make it difficult to keep staff employees as well.

Firms will have to get creative about retention, offering things like schedule flexibility and increased fringe benefits to keep their best talent.

Near Permanent Recruiting

The more fluid conditions in the current labor market will force companies into an almost constant recruiting process. Meanwhile, integrating and coordinating among various workers, all on different schedules and working remotely, will create communication tangles that will have to be figured out.

Managing the Employer Brand

Another result of the changing relationship with employees comes from the way employers are perceived. Good employees have a lot of choice and they are prepared to switch jobs aggressively, if needed.

In this environment, companies have to be aware of their reputation with potential employees. Managers will have to spend time building an employer brand, spurring a further focus on the company’s online presence, especially as it relates to recruitment.

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