3 Yoga Poses At Work To Try On A Stressful Day

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You know the value of yoga. Flexibility. Fitness. Mindfulness. The problem: you don’t really have that much time.

You’re stuck most of the day at work. Meanwhile you’ve got home commitments that eat up the rest of your schedule. It’s hard to find time for a yoga class, or even a simple self-created routine.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely. No matter how busy your schedule, you can always find time for a couple minutes here and there. That makes it beneficial to come up with a few simple yoga poses at work that you can do throughout the day.

You have to be selective though. You can’t just throw down your yoga mat during a staff meeting, or rip off your work clothes to reveal the Lululemons you’ve got on underneath. You need yoga positions that you can do at any time, that aren’t going to cause a big disruption, that don’t require a lot of room, and that aren’t going to leave you a sweaty mess. No hot yoga in the break room.

With all that in mind, here are three positions you can do at your desk for relieving stress, keeping the blood flowing, and improving your general healthfulness:

Finger and Wrist Stretches

Office work is hard on the hands. It may not seem like “work” in the tradition of coal miners or jack-hammer operators, but eight hours at a computer takes its own kind of toll.

As such, take some time to stretch out your fingers and wrists. There are a number of useful routines that can relieve tension in these key areas…all of which can be done on the relative down-low, without drawing much attention.

Chair Twist

Another issue that comes with office work: sitting for too long. It forces your back into unnatural positions for much of the day. You need to take a moment now and then to stretch it out.

The chair twist involves turning your legs to one side of the chair, and then grabbing the arm rest on the other side. Hold it for a few breaths and then switch sides.

Shoulder Opener at Your Desk

This is probably the most blatant yoga move listed here. It’s still relatively under the radar, and gives a great bang for the buck…it’s worth a few side-eyes from your coworkers.

Standing in front of your desk, lean over at the waist, with your arms straight ahead. Grab the front of your desk, so that your body is making a right angle at your hips. It will further relieve the damage caused by lengthy sitting spells, providing you with stress release and a boost of energy.

Finding small-scale stress relievers and ways to do yoga poses at work make long days more manageable. You know what else helps? Having a job you love.

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