Karen, Regional Human Resources Manager

“This is a good amount of people that we were able to hire from your organization, so I want to thank you personally and on behalf of the supervisors and management team. You and your organization did a tremendous job for us in helping to staff up our plant. I know it hasn’t always been… Read more »

David Agan, Hitachi Construction Machine Loaders America, Inc.

“We have worked with the staff of Qualified Staffing for 14 years. The relationship is built on trust, good communication and a solid understanding of the positions which we desire to fill. Qualified Staffing has been very responsive and partnered with us to place appropriate people within our organization for both short and long term… Read more »

Allison, HR Manager

“The QSS team really gets things done. Whether I need one short term temp or a large group, I can always depend on QSS. Having the flexibility of a hard-working, dedicated force of employees is a huge advantage for our company!”

Steve, Warehouse Manager

“The inventory specialists QSS sent us are unbelievable, unbeatable. There is nowhere else I could turn to find quality people whenever I need them!”

Jim, Plant Manager

“I’m constantly dealing with companies every day that make excuses for weak performance or for not delivering on their promises. QSS has consistently gone above and beyond my expectations to help with our staffing problem in a professional and timely manner. I want to thank you for the extra time and effort that you have… Read more »

Jennifer, HR Manager

“I have had the pleasure of doing business with Qualified Staffing for the past year and can’t express my satisfaction enough. We are provided with such outstanding, qualified and dedicated workers. They offer exceptional customer service; I am always greeted with a friendly attitude and willingness to help, even with last minute needs; I receive… Read more »

Jessica, Customer Service Manager

“I have been working with Qualified Staffing for almost 10 years. I have a great relationship with the entire staff in our local office. Every time I call them, they know exactly what I want and are almost instantly sending me qualified candidates for every job I have open.”

Deane Osner, Shaw Industries

“Shaw Industries has worked with Qualified Staffing since 2004. They have proven to be a valuable resource, continually evolving to meet our contingent labor needs.”


“Qualified Staffing found my resume online and placed me in the office of a great plant, near my home. I was hired by the company a short time later.”


“I applied at Qualified Staffing while home from college for the summer. They were able to put me to work for the whole summer. I was able to gain great experience in factory work.”